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EoD returns to WoW - Arygos server

Driver_o_the_short_bus, Jan 13, 15 10:26 PM.
Believe it or not, we're back.  Kinda.  Faltigoth, Palou, Eran, Merric, Staraya, Apris.  Just the 6 of us, so far, and only 4 of us dungeoning again, so far.  Eran is playing a Gnome Monk, and leveling quickly.  

WoW has become very casual friendly, so if you happen upon this, come to Arygos and look us up.  You can find Merric on Simmah most days.  Drop us a line and say hi.

Edge of Dawn? In Neverwinter???? It's more likely than you think.

Faltigoth, Dec 15, 13 3:04 PM.
Yes, Faltigoth and Palou, having a wild craze to play Neverwinter, have opened up a chapter there.

If you are interested in reclaiming some of the old glory, get in touch with me -, or @faltiigrim in game.  

EoD forever!!!

EoD in Tyria - Guild Wars 2

Faltigoth, Aug 25, 12 10:23 AM.

Once again, a wing branch of EoD has returned, in Guild Wars 2 this time, on the Tarnished Coast server.

If you pop up in there, look up any of the usual suspects - me, Palou, Egen, Boggy, Merric - for more good times!

-Faltigoth / Chris

EoD returns (kind of) in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Faltigoth, Dec 12, 11 2:55 PM.

EoD has returned!  Sort of!  Old familiar faces like Falti, Egen, Eran, Boggy, Rezi, Ziphon...who else might crawl out from 2005-6 and show up!

For all interested parties, we will be the Edge of Darkness, assigned to the Darth Bandon server, dark side.

Happy holidays to all, and if you decide to get into some SW:TOR, hopefully you will see us there!

-Falti / Chris

Former EoDers Unite - the Old Republic awaits!

Faltigoth, Dec 7, 11 1:07 PM.

I hope the years have been kind to you since we melted face and kicked ass on Durotan.

We have all wandered different paths since then; hell, Egen and I are both married now, and I have a daughter on the way in a few months, so obviously leading or rebuilding a raid guild is not in the cards for either of us.

Gaming still is, however, and The Old Republic is on the horizon.  If any old mates from the Dawn are interested, the EoD is being reborn there as a light-side guild, server TBA, with a few old friends.  If anyone is interested in a super casual type affair with folks you haven't talked to in 5 years, then contact me at

I truly hope any old members of EoD who stumble across this are having wonderful lives and experiencing true happiness!

-Chris / Faltigoth

EoD is still dead

Driver_o_the_short_bus, Jun 16, 09 10:31 PM.
Didn't think I'd have to put this up again, but we've received another application, despite the guild having dissolved nearly 2 years ago.  However irrational it is, I'm going to choose to take this as a sign that we left one heck of a mark on Durotan back in the day.

That said, I'll quote what I posted in March 2008 regarding our resigning of the presidency.

Since the "officers" got an email today from someone applying to join EoD, and since EoD hasn't been a guild for months now, I thought I'd put something right here on the front page and eliminate any confusion. 

This guild is no more.  Applications aren't worth your time to fill out.  Best of luck to you finding a home on Durotan, and feel free to post in the Commoners Corner if you'd like to try striking up a conversation.  The site remains active for a few members to keep in touch, and that's pretty much it.

The Wrath is Near!

Rezigrene, Jul 15, 08 3:07 PM.
Wrath of the Lich King approaches!

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